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    keerthi P
    Handling multi day task status from external systems
    Topic posted November 1, 2017 by keerthi PSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points 
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    Handling multi day task status from external systems


    We integrated OFSC with external mobile application. We are using Multi day tasks in OFSC and especially facing problems in handling the status updates from Mobile to OFSC.  Our client wants to use Mobile in offline mode and when updates reaches OFSC later than the expected date then we are facing issues while updating OFSC.

    1. Suppose, start date is today, but engineer is in offline mode. Engineer came online tomorrow and then mobile triggered start activity API for that activity, OFSC says, action not allowed on past date. 

    2. Same case while receiving the activity complete scenario.

    Please suggest.

    Thank You

    OFSC 17.2