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    partition mount - oracle cloud services
    Topic posted April 24, 2017 by Oraclesuportedba Green Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited May 3, 2017 
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    partition mount - oracle cloud services
    partition mount - oracle cloud services


    This is my environment:

    Database: Oracle Database 11g Release

    Operational System: Oracle Linux Server release 6.8

    Cloud: Oracle Cloud.

    I've been studying about storage and identifed that's necessary that you do a script to mount automatically after reboot operational system. This document talk about it: "Guide for Configuring Database Cloud Services on IaaS and PaaS Virtual Image. "

    **IMPORTANT** (page 19)

    DO NOT use “UUID”. This will cause VM to get STUCK on reboots..

    is there any one workaround to solve this problem? withoutcreate this script (describe on Guide) to startup automatically?



    • Santosh Sharma

      Are you using Dbaas service? if yes, then simply do scale up on instance for adding extra storage. This will take care of all automatic mounts.



    • Oraclesuportedba

      no idon't using Dbaas service.

    • Sailaja Pasupuleti


      As you said, it is IMPORTANT to follow as per Guide.

      I am understanding why workaround here?

      In case of VM Stuck, contact Oracle Support for further help.

      NOTE:-  We have options to reboot even VM Stuck.  In case cloud, it will be good if you reach Oracle Support Team.

      Thank you,


    • Oraclesuportedba

      I am understanding why workaround here?

      Yes, but i wouldn't like to specify account on .sh script.

      You understood?

      Thank you