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    Sameh Rady Soliman
    Intercompany out of balance report
    Topic posted October 18, 2017 by Sameh Rady SolimanBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged BI Publisher, Fusion Financial reporting, OTBI, Reports, Sample Reports 
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    Intercompany out of balance report

    Hello Gurus


    we looking at developing the following report

    we are not using AGIS and we have one ledger only.

    we would like to get the account balance twice on the same row where company A is a balancing segment value and company B is intercompany segment Value then switch it over so company A is intercompany segment value and company B is company segment value


    have you developed something like this before , any idea how to achieve that? OTBI , FRS or smartview tool?






    • Linda Wong

      You can define it with Financial Reporting Studio.  In the Row dimension, select the balancing segment, natural account segment, and intercompany segment.  Then in the report definition, select the company/account/intercompany values for each row.

      • Sameh Rady Soliman

        Hi Linda


        thank you for the reply

        assuming i have accounting period on column if we add account , company and intercompany on the ROW then we will have one figure for the combination between those three

        how can i add another column to show on the same row for the company and intercompany values interchanged?


        any idea would be appreciated




    • Sameh Rady Soliman

      Any thoughts?

      would appreciate if you can share any idea how to show two different accounts on the same row using FRS or OTBI.

      then we will use conditional formatting or suppression to work out the company intercompany interchanging and hide those rows where company for the first account does not equal intercompany for account two

      • Linda Wong

        Screenshots from Financial Reporting Studio

      • Richard Chan

        I've used Union reports in the past creating a label column to differentiate the columns then used a pivot view with a pivot calculated column to determine the difference

        • Sameh Rady Soliman

          Hi Richard 


          thank you you for the update

          would you be able to share a sample report or any document on how to achieve that?


          thank you in advance



    • Linda Wong
      • Sameh Rady Soliman

        Hi Linda


        Thank You for your reply

        this will show on two different rows , what we want to achieve is to have both on same row so we can minus the balances from eachother 

        • Linda Wong

          The only way I can think of is to use multiple grids within a FRS report.  First grid shows company A, intercompany receivable with company B.  Second grid shows company B, intercompany payable to company A.  Third grid references the balances from the first two grids and add a column to calculate the difference.

          Your desired report might be achievable in BI Publisher, but I am not knowlegeable about defining BIP custom reports.  Hopefully someone who is can chime in.

          • Sameh Rady Soliman

            Thank You Linda that confirm that I am thinking in the right direction too as i trying this out now.

            the only thing is it company and intercompany will be hardcoded in our case we have 14 companies