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    Mukund Kudrimoti
    Purchase Order to Receipt
    Topic posted February 14, 2019 by Mukund KudrimotiBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points 
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    Purchase Order to Receipt
    The Purchase Order after dispatch are not appearing for receipt.

    The Purchase Order after dispatch are not appearing for receipt. The POs are approved. Ran the Communicate Purchasing Documents process to dispatch still the PO are not available for receipt in My Receipts. What are the logical steps to make this work?

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    • Swami Amajala

      What is the status of the PO line? It should be "Open", cannot be closed for receiving.

      When you try to receive please check make sure you are either the requestor or the preparer of the PO, otherwise you would not additional privilege to receive others POs where you are not either requestor or preparer.

      Also check the "Items Due by" in My Receipts area, by default the search would only pull in the lines due in last 7 days. Depending on the due date on your PO you may have to change that criteria.



      • Mukund Kudrimoti

        We do not have requisition.

        The line status is open. I have also provide Receiving Agent role to the user who is also the PO creator. The due date is today. Still no results in My Receipts

        • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

          Check if the PO line has the requester name in the PO and also make sure the PO line receipt routing is set to Direct Delivery.

          • Mukund Kudrimoti

            The PO has requester name. However I could not locate the PO Line Receipt routing. 

            I did a new PO, approved, Communicated and then tried to do the Receipt. Still no luck

    • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

      If Requisition is not tied to a Purchase Order the requester must be populated when creating the PO on the distribution lines.  If requester is not populated the PO cannot be received -> My Receipts.  

      Also check the below note as well if the user has the privileges to receive the PO

      PO number cannot be found on My Receipts form (Doc ID 2203802.1) 


    • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

      Receipt routing should be available in Schedules TAB as shown below. Also make sure in the View-->Columns--> Show all option is selected to see the field 

    • Niamath Jeddy

      Might sound like a silly suggestion. But still try it.

      In the search section of 'My receipts' set the 'Items Due' search field value to 'Any Time' and search. By default it is 'last 7 days'



    • Rajendra Rathor

      Hi Mukund,

      Please assign "Receiving Agent" to Buyer or Requester to ensure they get notification when PO is ready to Receive.