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    Wrishin Bhattacharya
    How should we capture INCOTERM in Oracle Fusion
    Topic posted February 13, 2019 by Wrishin Bhattacharya, tagged Financials, Fusion, Setup, Supplier Registration 
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    How should we capture INCOTERM in Oracle Fusion

    Hello Team,

    Can anyone help us to understand that how should INCOTERMS be captured in Oracle Fusion?



    • Niamath Jeddy


      Oracle suggests the use of FOB field for incoterms. Please refer below note.

      How To Use The RCS_INCO_TERMS: Lookup Codes In Supplier And Purchase Order (PO) Levels (Doc ID 2185932.1)



      • Wrishin Bhattacharya

        Hello Niamath,

        Thank you for your response.

        I have one doubt here. As FOB, itself is one of the INCOTERM codes how can we map other Incoterms in FOB and what is the nature of it's usage? Does it work just as a placeholder or it has some accounting impact also?



    • Alan Rowland

      Also, what version of Incoterms does Oracle support?  2010?  2000?  Will the 2020 terms get shoved down our throats when many organizations will still be using the 2010 terms.