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    Guillermo Carro.Martin
    Consolidation in PBCS or EPBCS
    Topic posted June 28, 2019 by Guillermo Carro.Martin, tagged Financial Planning, PBCS, Planning, Strategic Modeling 
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    Consolidation in PBCS or EPBCS
    Is it possible to consolidate in PBCS or EPBCS?

    Hello everyone,

    The other day I was asked if is possible to consolidate in PBCS or EPBCS, I have been disconnected from PBCS since 2017, and I have not used PBCS in the past for that purpose.

    I have been looking in Oracle web and I read about Strategic Modelling, but I am not sure if that new module could be my answer.

    I would love to hear if someone have created a way of consolidate in PBCS or EPBCS. If not, what would you advise me to propose along PBCS in that future project? HFM or maybe another tool?

    Thank you



    • Mark Rinaldi

      Are you referring to a Financial Close consolidation process?  We strongly recommend you use Financial Consolidation and Close Business Process for that as it has purpose-built features specifically designed to meet those needs.  There is robust, out-of-box functionality in Financial Consolidation and Close that doesn't exist in Planning (e.g. pre-built intercompany eliminations, currency consolidations, journal entries, etc.).

      With the new EPM Enterprise Cloud product, you get all of our Business Processes included, so you don't have to buy separate products to do different functional tasks.  At the same price, you can create as many Planning and Financial Consolidation and Close (along with all the other Business Processes) as you need for the same price.

      Your use case is one of the driving reasons for our new, simplified pricing and product model.

      • Guillermo Carro.Martin

        Hi Mark,

        Thank you for your answer.

        Yes, I am talking about financial close and consolidation. I was told is possible to do it in Planning, my potential client prefers only one tool.

        I would like to know what kind of features Planning provides for that purpose.

        You mentioned Financial Consolidation and close , did you mean this one ( ?

        I have worked before with HFM but not this one, could you tell me the main differences between them?

        I am interested too in the way Oracle ERP could connect with Planning and FCC or HFM. And connections between Planning and FCC.

        If I do undestand correctly, are you saying that for the same price you could use both Planning and FCC ? 

        When you mentioned all other Business processes, were you referring to (photo attached) Account reconciliation, EDM, Narrative reporting, Profitability and close management?

        Really thankful for your opinion.





        • Mark Rinaldi

          The "One tool" the customer wants should be Oracle EPM Enterprise Cloud.  With EPM Enterprise Cloud, yes, they can create on Business Process for Planning and another for Financial Consolidation and Close.  These are Business Process "Types" (AKA "Applications) in EPM Cloud.

          Since there is no restriction on how many Business Processes a customer can use with EPM Enterprise Cloud, it makes no sense to force a Financial Consolidation and Close process into a Planning Business Process when their is a purpose-built Business Process to meet this exact need.  This is my point, we don't have an purpose-built close and consolidation features in the Planning Business Process as these exist in the Financial Consolidation and Close Business Process (e.g. Journal Entries, Intercompany eliminations, parent currency eliminations, etc.)

          Financial Consolidation and Close is at parity or greater compared to HFM.  For differences, I suggest you switch to the Financial Close Forum and not this Planning Forum.