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    Note to Customers: Creating or Voting on Ideas
    Topic posted July 16, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited July 18, 2019, tagged FAQ, How-To 
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    Note to Customers: Creating or Voting on Ideas
    Note to Customers: Voting on Ideas


    Please consider the following notes when reviewing ideas and voting for them for the process to be effective and serve your needs:

    A. Vote for your idea: I see many ideas where the idea creators have not even voted for it. This is a bit counter productive as the idea is to get as many up votes as feasible to facilitate further review.

    B. Complete details of the requirement: Many many ideas are very sketchy and too limited to understand the requirement or triage it further. If you are logging an idea, make sure you sell it in the sense that it needs to explain the pain points, the benefits of implementing it, the limitations of not having it clearly. We need to understand real-life business use cases and scenarios to help justify the requirement. Where screenshots will help firm up the idea more, give us those screenshots

    C. If you are voting on another customer's idea and the current description you are reading does not cover your use cases or requirements adequately, please take the time to fill out those details

    Remember maximum details to help clarify the requirement is expected.



    • Ashok

      Additional Notes:

      D. If your idea is made a Duplicate, typically, you should find us posting a link to the original idea. What would help is transferring the most pertinent details from your idea into the primary one so that when reviewing the primary idea, one can look at a consolidated view of all the requirements stated by different customers. Now I realize this is duplicate work, so read on......

      E. Before logging an idea, the system does provide a search to check if the idea you wish to add is already available in the Ideas Lab. Now, use the keywords that you believe make for the key definition of your idea. More likely than not, you are bound to find a hit. I have tried this myself many times when i started to log new enhancements and found this feature to be helpful. That way, you don't have to create a new idea where one already exists and you could add your use cases and justification directly in the primary idea. This avoids the redundant efforts of transferring your ideas mentioned in D. above.

      F. Very important: Please don't forget to TAG your idea to a subject area. Without this, future searches and potentially reporting on areas where Ideas are most requested, etc are compromised.