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    Mohammad Arif Zaffar
    Parent and child items
    Topic posted September 10, 2019 by Mohammad Arif ZaffarBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Inventory Cloud, Product MDM Analytics 
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    Parent and child items
    Generic items lined with detailed specification item codes


    our requirement is to somehow link items together. 


    During negotiation (RFQ) stage, business only have generic item description however during the negotiation award stage detailed specifications item codes can be used. our requirement is to somehow link the generic item code with detailed item codes which system should understand. Is there any such possibiity



    • Magesh Kesavapillai
      • It is not a right practice to create duplicate items. If you share your complete usecase, we can review and share our suggestions.
      • However, to link two items, you can use ‘Related Item Relationships’. There are certain relationship types provided out-of-the-box. This can be extended; you can create your own relationship type. You can select two items, specify the relationship type and create relationship.
      • Mohammad Arif Zaffar

        I agree it is not a best practice but in construction and contracting business it is a practical solution when at the beginning of project the technical specifications of items are not well defined and based on the collection of responses from suppliers final item description is decided. 


        Regarding the item relationship feature, as far as I know it is mainly used for reporting purpose. I do not think that system will allow use as a substitute, for example, for another item which is having relationship defined and both can be used inter-changebly on the forms.

        • Magesh Kesavapillai
          1. Does the customer have FPH license? FPH supports systematic item definition process; it also has features that support programmatic generation/update of item description (automatically) based on the values that you or your supplier specifies for item attributes.
          2. Not sure which ‘system’ you are referring to. It is based how the consuming applications use it. Certain consuming products do use relationships effectively to fetch the ‘necessary’ related items based on item relationships.
    • Carlos Benassi
      Hi Mohammad, are you familiar with Style and SKU Itens? SKUs are linked with Style and have further more detail info than Styles. They are manly used for clothing, but it can be a away to link Itens.
      Mu best