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    Nishanth B Jain
    Order Creation Options in Blanket Purchase AgreementAnswered
    Topic posted August 9, 2018 by Nishanth B JainSilver Crown: 22,500+ Points, tagged Agreements, Fusion, Orders 
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    Order Creation Options in Blanket Purchase Agreement
    Automatically generate orders should be uncheked by default


    We are trying to uncheck the Automatically generate orders option by default in BPA.

    Currently its checked for all BPA's as shown in attached screen. We want it to be unchecked by default.

    Any suggestions on this?




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    Nishanth B Jain

    Thank you Sunny, We will check ER for further update



    • Swami Amajala

      There is an open ER for this and there is no possible way to change the default at this time. What is your requirement, may be we can suggest an alternate solution ?


      • Nishanth B Jain

        Thank you Swami, We will check ER for further update. We just wanted to avoid Auto generate of orders by  unchecking

        • Swami Amajala

          Other than making it as a process for users to uncheck that flag manually there is no system control available at this time. But you could setup workflow to control the approval for POs created from the associated Blanket Agreements, that would catch the POs that are automatically created and give control over approve or reject them. Hope this helps.



          Swami Amajala

          • Sunny Todkari


            We can consider two cases here (considering that PR is matching the agreement criteria)

            1. If we have automatic approval set for such POs which are linked to the agreement, we will not get a chance to reject the PO.

            2. If we don't have automatic approval, system will create PO with link to this agreement and  if you reject the PO, the requisition will again be eligible to convert into PO and system will create another PO immediately with linkage to same agreement. There could be a case I want to attach that PO to another agreement (some old agreement where I have some amount remaining) and don't want to attach with the latest agreement. In such case, system may go into loops. I have never tested this or never came across such loop issue but this is just a guess. 

    • Sunny Todkari

      We checked with Oracle support for the same requirement and came to know that this is not possible at this point of time.

      ER is open for the same. So, right now we are requesting users to manually disable the checkboxes every time they create the agreement. Users are not happy but we don't have any other option. We tried to do personalization but it was not feasible.

    • MANISH S

      Hi Nishanth,

      As a workaround, in the 'Configure Procurement Business Function' setup task, leave the 'Default Buyer' field as blank. Make sure there is no buyer assigned for the PR items in the Purchasing attributes. With this configuration, PR lines will refer to the BPA but will stop in the 'Process Requisitions' page because of unavailability of buyer details. Hope this would work. Please try and update.



    • Brian Burns

      Hi Nishanth,

      I've been able to default these values as unchecked but the problem is that you can never check them if you want to. I'm still looking into it but didn't know if anyone has been able to do this since last post in 2018. We have this as a requirement as well.

      I basically just overrode the value as "blank" but I did this in IE edit pages. When I was using Firefox for some reason it wasn't working.