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    Pratish Menon
    Balance forward bill overview material
    Topic posted October 21, 2019 by Pratish MenonRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Receivables 
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    Balance forward bill overview material


    If there are any Oracle whitepaper or presentation out there that goes over the Balance Forward Billing capabilities and use of Balance Forward Bill number for receipt application, I would greatly appreciate someone pointing me to that.







    • Brian Wolfe


      I am not aware of any white papers.  In regard to using BFB for receipt application, there is currently an open ER for this, but you could consider adding and Idea to the Idea lab. 

      Cloud Receivable's AutoApply does not support BFB (aBlance Forward Bill) as remittance advice to identify all transactions included on a given BFB.  Customers can consider solving this requirement by referencing the customer in the lockbox file, and configure the system to use AutoCash via AutLockbox and use Oldest first rule.  See Define AutoCash Rule Sets.  If the customer reference is not available, they can still use BFB number, which will be used to identify the customer associated with the payment.  Customer can also be identified based upon MICR number on a check.  When processing customer payments through AutoLockbox, both AutoCash and AutoApply can be used.  This work around is not available for manually entered receipts as they are not eligible for AutoCash processing, which is only available via lockbox.

      I hope this helps,