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    Veth Aven Espanol
    Custom Orchestration Process - Skip Ship confirm: Bill after...
    Topic posted October 22, 2019 by Veth Aven EspanolGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Global Order Promising, Order Management, SCM, Supply Chain Financial Orchestration, Supply Chain Orchestration 
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    Custom Orchestration Process - Skip Ship confirm: Bill after Pick Releasing
    We would like to create a custom orchestration process where billing is triggered after Pick Releasing to Stage

    We would like to create a custom orchestration process where billing is triggered after Pick Releasing to Stage since the product/item does not leave the organization and is just transferred to a subinventory. Items are still tracked so it remains to a subinventory. Will this be possible since the seeded orchestration step is Ship which is the whole Pick Release - Ship Confirm process? Suggestions are highly appreciated.



    • Venkatesh Malapati

      This looks to me more of Internal Material Transfer flow. Have you reviewed the documentation for Internal Material Transfer flow.

      • Veth Aven Espanol
        Thought of that Venkatesh but that would r would mean internal customer and invoice. We are talking about an external customer and a normal invoice.

      Would you be creating the invoice using Receivables? For that the the shipment needs to be completed (not just picking). Also I presume there would also be an actual shipment sometime later, so if its just a matter of generating a invoice for the customer, then a simple report could be evaluated which could be sent to the customer. Post the actual shipment txn getting completed, the system invoice would anyways be created. 

      • Veth Aven Espanol

        Hi Krishnamurthy,

        Yes we would would invoice using Receivables. No actual shipment happens to the item since it is an immovable item and the the item is still monitored although it is already sold so we are avoiding to ship confirm.



    • Lakshmi Annapragada

      Can you have the Shippable Flag set to "NO" for the item - so you can skip the shipping related steps in the Orchestration process?

      • Veth Aven Espanol

        Hi Lakshmi,

        We would like to perform the pick release process to automate the movement from the store subinventory to a sold subinventory so we still need the shipping process until pick releasing.



    • Ramakrishna Basa


      Creating Invoice before the actual shipment, means Pre Shipment Invoice which normally used in an Export Sales Order where Invoice submitted to Customer before shipping the actual goods.

      You better try to define a custom Orchestration process with steps - Schedule, Reservation, Invoice, wait Invoice, Shipment, as it is not possible through standard orchestration process. Here system won't accept defining Invoice step second time after Shipment step. 

      Best Regards,


      • Veth Aven Espanol

        Hi Ramakrishna,

        Thanks for the suggestion. We are ok with making the Invoice before Shipment but we would still need to ship confirm correct? This is what we're avoiding to do.