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    Vivian Tedford
    BUI error "refused to connect" when browser...
    Topic posted February 20, 2019 by Vivian TedfordGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Browser UI 
    BUI error "refused to connect" when browser control tries to open web page
    On a tab with a browser control, the page opens fine when I'm in the .Net view, but won't open in BUI

    In my workspace, I have the need to have a few different browser windows load based on categories chosen on an incident.  So I set a default URL on a tab with the setting to delay page load.  When I go to the tab in the .Net desktop, the page loads fine.  I set a rule and when I change the category, the other page loads fine as well so the rule is working.

    But, when I view that same workspace in BUI, I get the "refused to connect" error when I initially go to the tab with the browser control and the original URL.  The second URL comes up ok based on the rule with the category change.  But then when I change the category again to go back to the original URL, it gives me the same "refused to connect" error.

    Is this a problem with the sites I'm trying to go to not allowing themselves to be iframed in?  I'm betting this could be the issue because obviously the .Net view would not have this issue. Is this a known issue with BUI? Is there any workaround?  It may force me back into the .Net view but I would really prefer to use the BUI if at all possible.