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    Arpana Singh
    Use Analytics BUI Extension in Workspace BUI Extension
    Topic posted September 6, 2019 by Arpana SinghGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points 
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    Use Analytics BUI Extension in Workspace BUI Extension
    Integrate Analytics BUI to Workspace BUI

    Hi Folks,

    I am trying a use case where report will be generated using Analytics BUI Extension. The data in report will be coming from external api. I have to inject the report in Incident workspace(or any workpspace) . On selecting the any record in the report , it should give me the selected record values so that i can use those values to set in my workpace fields. I am able to include report created using Analytics BUI to incident workpsace. It opens in new tab.

    Challenges :

    1) I want to open the report in incident workspace itselft.

    2) Get the value of selected row in report and set to workspace fields.

    Could anyone help me understand the approach.




    • Gursimran Singh Saini

      1) Not sure. Could've just used a jQuery Ajax call to pull data and populate in a HTML table. Easy to embed in any workspace.

      2) Use registerRecordCommand function

    • Thibaud Blondin


      Facing the exact same issue.

      1) pretty easy to do using the Analytics extension for external data (not a workspace extension). This part of the framework is pretty well documented . I've used this on multiple objects with linked reports it is very powerfull, you just have to access the record id (from report context you can get the workspace context and retrieve the record id, or you can play with the filters to retrieve this id) and fetch the data. then simply put the report in the workspace. 

      2) trying to achieve this right now, issue is that command are not available for Analytics extension reports, registerRecordCommand only works for standard reports. Maybe you can use the a search report wich allow you to set a listener on the selected value but in this case the report will not be directly displayed in the workspace but as a search report linked to a field.

      As this post was opened a few weeks ago I hope you found a way to do so !