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    Joe Steinbrenner
    Dashboard: User Variables
    Topic posted June 26, 2018 by Joe SteinbrennerSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Financial Planning, Planning 
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    Dashboard: User Variables
    Does every user have to select members for user variables in order to use the dashboard

    We've created 2 User Variables (FcstPeriod1 and FcstPeriod2) so that we can compare the Revenue of 2 different periods in a dashboard. 

    When a user wants to view  the dashboard he/she first has to go to the  "User Variables" screen and choose members. Is there a way for the admin to set "default user variables" so that not every user has to go through that process? Otherwise I am expecting a ton of trouble tickets (...since users don't like to read manuals and ignore emails...)







    • Mark Rinaldi

      Currently, yes, each user must set their User Variables.  Safe Harbor, we are looking to add "Default" User Variables on the roadmap.  I don't own that feature, so don't quote me and I'm still under Safe Harbor but I think it is targeted for CY2018. 

      Safe Harbor - Safe Harbor- Safe Harbor!!!!

    • Joe Steinbrenner

      Nice! That will be a great improvement.