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    Juan Miguel Isip
    Use ESS to run a BI Publisher job that transmits reports via...
    Topic posted September 5, 2018 by Juan Miguel IsipSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged BI Publisher, Discussion Forums, Fusion, OBI Answers, OBIEE Answers, Report Delivery, Scheduling or Agents, Setup, Setup/Administration 
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    Use ESS to run a BI Publisher job that transmits reports via SFTP
    Is it possible to use ESS execute a BI Publisher job will transmits reports via SFTP?

    We have built some Custom Reports in BI Publisher that extract data to a CSV file using a simple SQL script.
    This is scheduled running every hour and automatically transmits the file to a vendor's SFTP Server.

    However, I'm wondering if its possible to call these jobs from the Enterprise Scheduler (ESS) so that we can maintain it from there?
    Is this possible? I don't see any option for ESS jobs to transmit reports to a external SFTP server.

    Please advise.

    Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher Enterprise



    • Felix Ribalov

      Hi Juan,

      We have the same requirement. Did you manage to achieve this? Is there a document about the way to configure ESS jobs to run BIP reports ?



    • Madhu Bolli

      The solution we followed for this case is:

      1. Create a BIP report

      2. Used the Schedule Service for the BIP report where you can select the delivery option as 'FTP'


      • Juan Miguel Isip

        This is the same approached we've used as mentioned in my post. It's running in BIP, not via ESS.

        We would want a solution to use ESS, but still keep the functionality of the sFTP transmission.

    • Arun Raj

      Can you take a look at this link. I believe this is what you are trying to achieve.

      • Juan Miguel Isip

        Not Exactly. I'm aware than we can "link" BI publisher reports to ESS, but Custom ESS Jobs don't have the functionality to send report outputs via sFTP.

        • Arun Raj

          I was able to achieve this.

          1. Create Data Model (Make sure to provide bursting details). Refer to this document
          2. Create Report (Make sure enable Bursting in Report Properties)
          3. Create ESS Job (Make sure to enable Bursting)

          If you have provided the details of SFTP Server in the Bursting definition SQL, you should be able to see the files in the SFTP Sever.

          I was able to submit a ESS Job and view the files in the SFTP server.