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    Ofelia Ladao
    Loading of Metadata in PCMCS using REST API - Can this be...
    Topic posted October 3, 2019 by Ofelia Ladao, tagged Profitability Analysis, Security, Tip 
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    Loading of Metadata in PCMCS using REST API - Can this be done ?
    Need to automate integration process by loading metadata to PCMCS using REST API. Has anyone done it ?

    We are looking into automating our integration process to load metadata to PCMCS by making a web service call using REST API. Can this be done ? Has anyone tried it ? Can you please share any information that you may have that would help us ?




    • Don Bean

      Have you looked through the online documentation in the PCMCS Help Center?

      REST API for Enterprise Performance Management Cloud is at the bottom of the list. See Chapter 13 - update file based application topic.


    • Ankit kumar Shrivastava

       Updating dimensions in PCMCS can be achieved using the REST API. Based on how you want to automate the integration process -  FDMEE, Bat scripts, Groovy etc this can be accomplished using the endpoints available here:


      Ankit Shrivastava

    • Ofelia Ladao

      Has anyone successfully implemented the automation of the integration process of loading metadata to PCMCS using REST API ?  We are looking into using MuleSoft that will make the web service calls to PCMCS using REST API. 

    • Wayne Paffhausen


      To directly answer your question:  Yes.  I have many times loaded metadata to PCMCS via the RESTAPI.  I have done it via many different orchestrators and scripting technologies.

      Others have already provided the links to several key pieces of documentation on how to make that happen.  So I am not sure on where the gap still remains in the knowledge processes.  Please feel free to start another topic thread for other questions/concerns that you may have.

      Thank you,