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    Approval Notifications are rejected automatically: Possible...
    Topic posted August 11, 2018 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited August 11, 2018, tagged Approvals/Notification, Create Requisition, FAQ, How-To, Tip 
    Approval Notifications are rejected automatically: Possible causes and resolution
    Troubleshooting Approval Rules when approval notifications are automatically rejected

    Problem Statement:

    Requisition approval notifications are automatically rejected.

    Analysis and Troubleshooting Tips:

    Our development experts frequently face this question from support and customers. While approvals is a complex feature, we are attempting to offer some troubleshooting tips here that appear to be very common in reviewing the issues reported. Review these tips as a first step in your organization if you encounter the issue discussed here.

    1. If you are using the FSM task 'Manage Requisition Approvals', then the ReqApprovalTask in BPM should always be in READ ONLY mode. 

    In the case of a few customers we reviewed, the ReqApprovalTask was in EDIT mode. This causes instability and unexpected behavior.

    2. When defining rules using the FSM task 'Manage Requisition Approvals', ensure that there are no leading spaces (beginning or end) or containing a period (.). Defining rules with these will cause issues in BPM as they will error out causing approvals related issues because the approval rules are no longer in sync between FSM and BPM

    NOTE: We are reviewing solutions to prevent such rules from being saved. Until then, you need to make sure such rules are verified.

    3. If the user name which is the basis for approvals to work on is modified, then you have to ensure that the rules that reference the specific user name/s are updated. This is not going to be done automatically by the system because it has no way of identifying such changes. This also causes approval notifications to fail.

    I hope this analysis helps you in some base troubleshooting of common approval issues. Our endeavor is to produce similar articles as we encounter more common occurrences where a bit of troubleshooting goes a long way. 

    Please review the article and provide feedback or comments and rate these to let us know the usefulness of these posts.