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    Brian Hall
    Maintain integrity in DIM/FACT WIDs
    Topic posted May 21, 2019 by Brian HallSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, last edited September 11, 2019, tagged Analysis 
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    Maintain integrity in DIM/FACT WIDs
    Looking for the best way to maintain links/joins from DIM & FACT tables

    All DIM tables have a Warehouse ID number (WID).  Joins are added to the Target FACT tables to link said DIM table in Data-Sync.  When/If changes (Add/Drop) columns or refreshing data back to initial load status are done.  This resets these WIDs.  This in-turn breaks the links within the report designer and can cause the lose of the visualizer report.

    How can we keep this from happening?

    18 , Cloud / Data-Sync 2.6



    • Christian Berg

      Seems there are two threads of this question, so reposting what I wrote in the other:


      That's a principle of DWHing that you need to address at the ETL layer, it's not related to OAC.

      It should never be the case, that keys get wiped out and referential integrity impaired by re-loads of the any kind of storage. That is generally a result of poor or straight forward wrong design.

      Are you using somehting pre-configured liek OBIA to load your warehouse?

    • Richard Chan

      Check that you are not truncating and reloading your Dimensions if you are using a sequence to populate your WID then you will be out of synch, use an insert/update strategy

    • Brian Hall


    • Brian Hall