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    Charles Lickly
    Response Emails to Customer
    Topic posted November 18, 2011 by Charles LicklyRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited November 18, 2011 
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    Response Emails to Customer

    Good Day Everybody,

    We are starting to use the RightNow system to respond to our customers on a much wider basis and one of the major feeback points we have gotten both from external customers and internal QA is that the format is "ugly".  What most of our customers are used to seeing is a well branded email from our support staff and the RightNow Response email is to be very blunt "UGLY" but it is functional.

    I'm curious if everybody using the RNT system for external responses is just using the system or if there is a 3rd-party overlay that allows for much more branded emails to be generated or are you not using RNT to respond to external customers.  If this is the case are you having your agents capture the information into the RightNow system and then copy/paste the response into another system (or even Outlook) before sending the response to the customer.





    • Kyle Snay

       Hey Charles, check out this idea in the Lab: It sounds like this could solve your problems when it becomes available.

    • penni kolpin

      Hi Charles,

      Without a screenshot of a typical email sent from your system, it's hard to tell how things are configured on your site.

      For sites created pre-November 2011, when the site was created, the outgoing emails are enabled for text mode when it is sent.  If your outgoing emails are not HTML-enabled, that is probably one of the biggest contributors to the emails being perceived as "ugly".  

      To check if your email messages are HTML-enabled, go to Configuration > Site Configuration > Interfaces.  Click on the interface name and then click Contact Emails from the ribbon at the top of the page. This expand the Contact messages and enable the HTML checkboxes.  You can also make the Administrator Emails HTML-enabled by selecting that option from the ribbon.

      You can also add a header or footer to the outgoing emails by editing the appropriate header or footer file from the File Manager (path is Configuration > Site Configuration > File Manager and have the Switch to field set to "mail files".

      So, while the Idea Lab post that Kyle references is certainly valid for our customers to have greater ease with customizing email templates, at least make sure your current settings are enabled for HTML, which will give a much more professional display than if text mode is currently used.

      Penni Kolpin
      QA, RightNow