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    Luis Melo
    Business Rules - Assign incident to different Queues
    Topic posted February 2, 2016 by Luis MeloGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points 
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    Business Rules - Assign incident to different Queues

    Hi all,

    Here is a challenge... I have a requirement whereby I need to be able to assign a new Incident to Queue A. And that is easy enough. But then if the customer replies back, I need to be able to assign the incident to Queue B. And then if the customer replies back again, I need to be able to assign the incident to Queue C.

    I was thinking of counting the number of customer messages in the thread. If it was one, assign to Queue A, if two, assign to Queue B, if three, assign to Queue C. But that doesn't seem to be feasible.

    Is there any other way you may know of that will achieve the requirement? Or is it just not feasible at all?

    Thanks in advance!

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    • Carl Elliott

      The counter would work but why not just check the Queue ID.  

      Initial Rules - set queue A. 

      In process rules - 

      If incident.status=Update & Queue_id = Queue A,  Set Queue ID to Queue B. 

      If incident.status=Update & Queue_id=Queue B, set queue ID to Queue C.  

      To keep it to one update you should also check that the Previous Status = Solve or Unresolved.  

      If you don't like checking the queue you could set up different statuses and use the status and previous status checks.  

    • Luis Melo

      Hi Carl,

      Thank you for that. Your suggestions are not a bad idea at all. I will consider and see if we can manage it that way. Thanks a lot!

    • Barrilito van Dijk

      Hi Luis,

      Perhaps creating an extra incident custom field with the status (first round, second round, third) and updating it by a custom process, you can then easily check everything in just one simple field. The field can be checked by rules or custom process.