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    Tausif Mulla
    Alfresco with Oracle Cloud Payables for DMS (Document...
    Topic posted April 2, 2019 by Tausif MullaBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Accounting Hub Cloud Service, Allocations, Assets, Compliance, Configuration, Expenses, Financials, General Ledger, Help Center, Intercompany, Invoice Imaging, Payables, Period Close / Reconciliation, Receivables, Reports, Search, Security, Setup / Administration, Subledger Accounting, Subscriptions, Tip, Update, User Interface 
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    Alfresco with Oracle Cloud Payables for DMS (Document Management system)
    Alfresco with Oracle Cloud Payables for DMS (Document Management system)


    We are looking for solutions where Alfresco could be used as a DMS with Oracle Cloud Payables.

    Is it possible that the users while creating invoices can attach a link of DMS i.e. alfresco and through back end the invoice is saved in Alfresco automatically ?

    How would the integration work with Oracle cloud and DMS if the requirement is to store documents in Alresco while creating invoices in Oracle Payables.

    Thank you for your inputs !

    Tausif Mulla



    • Becky Alvarez

      I really don't know much about Alfresco but I do know that you can save the invoice wherever you want and use the SOAP Web Service for Payables Invoice Management to update the invoice immediately after it is created to add the URL as an attachment.  That URL can be the link to the Alfresco Document.  Now if you save the invoice as an attachment you can automatically get the attachment using a Invoice Attachment REST API and then send it to Alfresco I suppose to automate it and then delete it using the delete attachment Invoice Attachment REST API and then send the link to the document but that seems like a lot of back and forth so perhaps someone else has a better idea of how to send the invoice to Alfresco at the same time the document is getting created in AP and then just send the link back to AP using the SOAP service.

      Main point is that we can programmatically import and save the the link to the invoice so the users can view it from your DMS.

    • Alexey Shtrakhov

      Agree with Becky.
      Without knowing much on your process of creating / importing these invoices you have various options on how to handle the creation of URL attachments which will point to your document in FRESCO system.

      1) You can use REST API to create an invoice and create the attachment during the same call
      2) You can use WebService to create an invoice with attachment directly to your ap interface and then run the standard import.
      3) You can use WebService to create an attachment after invoice has been created in the system (AP)

      All depends on how the actual invoice import/integration is implemented in your case.....

      I didnt get it if you need to send a link to an invoice to your DMS?
      You could issue/provide a deeplink to your invoice in Cloud AP... to your DMS system...
      Again for this you could use a webservice to get this link to your invoice based perhaps on some information about the transaction in your DMS system.


      • RP Sharma

        So essentially if I understand we could have 3 probable options

        1. Referring to an external url in the attachment. I guess it would not be a problem EVEN if the storage location would be on-premise or cloud storage ? This can be done through both API/Manual

        2. If we were to store within Fusion as an attachment ...Guess Oracle would not charge later on once the size of attachments would be getting bigger 

        Please share your recommendations and also pros and cons if any