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    Dina Jacobs - SCP CD
    SCP DM Forecast Models White Paper
    Topic posted April 15, 2019 by Dina Jacobs - SCP CDBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged How-to, Planning Central Cloud, Sales & Operations Planning Cloud, Tip, White Paper 
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    SCP DM Forecast Models White Paper

    Dear All!!

    Please find an attached white paper that describes forecasting methods implemented within Oracle Demand Management Cloud product set.


    Dina Jacobs




    • Venkatesh Periketi

      Hi Dina,

      Waiting comes to an end. Thanks for the document. I will go through the document and come back if I have any open questions.

      Appreciate your help.



    • Phillip Brown

      Hi Dina,

      This is great, what I find really useful in this document is the description you have for Croston for Intermittent. It give the use of the model in "laymans" terms to better understand its applicability. This is handy as I sometimes like to select/deselect models based on product and market profiles, and without a background in statistics I have to do a bit of research into each model's intent. I appreciate that the Engine is to some extend self learning, and will weight the models based on parameters for best fit, so to some extent it should be possible to just let it run, but still having a guide that helps in tailoring the engine for even better results is great. I think if you were able to do similar descriptions on some of the other models it would be really handy for those of us that like to play with the system.