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    Chethana Kumari
    Unable to create a dataset in OAC from a data warehouse...
    Topic posted October 18, 2019 by Chethana KumariRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Unable to create a dataset in OAC from a data warehouse table
    Unable to create a dataset in OAC from a data warehouse table


    I have table in my data warehouse with 15 lakhs+ records and when I try creating a dataset pointing to this table in OAC it errors.

    Dataset does not get created. Attaching error screenshots when I try to preview data and when I try to click 'Add' for adding the dataset.

    Does OAC not support this data?





    • Chethana Kumari
    • Chethana Kumari


      Any updates on this please? This is of highest priority for us to work on. Does OAC not support about 15 lakhs records to be loaded as a dataset?

      I am using OAC version 105.3.0-120.

      Expecting your responses.



    • Gianni Ceresa

      Google says a "lakhs" is supposed to be 100'000, so your dataset is supposed to have 1,5 millions rows?
      OAC definitely support that and even bigger, but depends on the resources of your OAC instance.

      As you can see at there is a table with row limits based on the number of OCPU.

      The message also ask you to contact support, did you try that?

    • Chethana Kumari

      Sure. My instance is a single CPU instance. Thanks for the info.



    • Prasanna Thota

      Hi Chethana,

      There is data limitation when you create datasets, we encountered that when we are trying to connect to Oracle provided subject areas and pull financial data for more than 2 years worth. We would always run into query limit issues, hence dataset did not work until we started to limit data to a shorter periods.

      Here is an alternate suggestion, if this works for your company, you can connect directly to your data warehouse through a RPD. So you can skip the option of creating datasets, model in the RPD, and start creating your projects eliminating the step of dataset creations. Or as Gianna suggested increase your configurations for current instance to accommodate query limit issues.

      Hope this helps! Good luck!