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    santhosh xavier
    Data Lifecycle Policies - How often does it run?
    Topic posted September 24, 2019 by santhosh xavierBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 
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    Data Lifecycle Policies - How often does it run?
    Data Lifecycle Policies - How often does it run?

    In a test site I created Data LifeCycle Policy on a custom object to purge all the data from yesterday. I am not sure when it will run or even run on a Clone that often. Any idea?

    Is there a utility that runs specifically for this?




    • prashanth rao

      Hi Santhosh,

      A data lifecycle policy, once enabled, will continue to exist and run indefinitely. These policies are executed by a process scheduler utility (i think hourly)

      Pls note, Data once purged, is irretrievable. So as a best practice, be thoughtful before enabling such a policy.

      Also, sharing this whitepaper, which provides more details on the DLM and data volume management.

      Do let know if you need further info


      Prashanth rao

    • santhosh xavier

      Thanks Prashanth. I opened an SR afterwards and got similar response plus DLM only runs once per day even though the utility runs every hour.



    • santhosh xavier

      Also I wish there was a way of knowing when the last run was or some logs of the process.