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    Mirza Adeel Baig
    I want to update purchase agreement data in my tables. But...
    Topic posted April 29, 2019 by Mirza Adeel BaigBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points 
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    I want to update purchase agreement data in my tables. But can't

    Dear ,

    I want to update some data in my tables . i want to update purchase agreement in which i tried to update data through FBDI (import blanket purchase agreement) but its not updated also its creates a new data in table which one i update in through fbdi.

    Please guide how to update it. kindly see attached picture also i want to updated (Group requisitions , Group requisitions lines.)

    and it is lie in PO_headers_interface table.





    • Sunil

      Hi Mirza,

      The system determines to 'add' or 'Update' the Blanket Purchase Agreement based on the selection under Actions columns in Headers / Lines tab in the FBDI template.

      To update a Blanket Purchase Agreement using an FBDI template

      1) ForHeaders select 'Update' under actions

      2) For Lines leave action blank and enter the Line number and other fields. Including the changes needed. If the Line number is not provided system will create a new line instead.

      Thank you,



    • Manjula Evans

      Hi Mirza,

      This is not currently supported. While we do support modifications to some of the controls on this UI, the 2 that you're interested in cannot be modified at this time. Can you please log an idea so other customers can also weigh in?

      Thank you,

      Manjula Evans

    • Sunil

      Hi Manjula,

      I agree with your comments.

      I've just tried to update the 'Group Requisition' & 'Group Requisition Lines' using an FBDI, the import program completes successful but the fields are not updated.

      however, I am able to update other Header Information like Start date, end date, Agreement amount, Minimum release amount etc

      Therefore we'll have to log this as an Idea.

      Thank you,



      • Mirza Adeel Baig

        Thanks , can you please tell me how to update others fields? because i am not able to update any fields can you please guide me or give me template file with data. in which i can change my data. 


    • chetan kumar

      Hi Mirza,

      I have tried to update the line price of blanket purchase agreement using FBDI and it worked,Kindly follow the below steps to while updating the template.

      Fields needs to be updated in Blanket Purchase Agreement Template to Update the Line Price



      Interface Header Key->Mandatory column and it should be unique      


      Batch ID->Should be unique number

      Approval Action->choose any one from the LOV (none. bypass, submit)

      Agreement->Provide the Agreement number which needs to be updated

      Procurement BU->Provide the Procurement BU name.

      Currency Code->Provide the currency code used in the agreement and update the same

      Supplier->Provide the Supplier which is used in the agreement and update the same

      Supplier Site-> Provide the Supplier site which is used in the agreement and update the same

      Change Order Description->Mandatory column add the description for the change

      2)In PO_LINES_INTERFACE sheet

      Interface Line Key-> Mandatory column and it should be unique

      Interface Header Key->Number which we have updated in the sheet Interface Header Key

      Action ->Leave Blank

      Line->add the line number

      Line Type->Add the Line type which is used in the agreement

      Item description

      Category Name->Provide the category which is used for the item in agreement

      UOM->Unit of measure which is mentioned in agreement

      Price->Update the amount which needs to change

      Supplier Item->Provide the Supplier Item which is used in agreement.




      • Mirza Adeel Baig

        Thanks alot for Help. but i want to update 'Group Requisition' & 'Group Requisition Lines'. haave you tried these fileds. if yes please guide me about this. Because i tried to update these fields but cant.