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    Jens Lundell
    Script Exit and Finish buttons - Dynamic Agent Desktop...
    Topic posted September 1, 2017 by Jens LundellBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points 
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    Script Exit and Finish buttons - Dynamic Agent Desktop recipe


    Script Exit and Finish buttons

    Author: Jens Lundell

    Oracle Service Cloud

    Sr. Development Director


    Difficulty rating: (Intermediate)

    Target persona: Workspaces administrator creating scripts for agents

    Ingredients: Agent Scripting, Workspace Rules, Desktop Workflow

    Overall description/purpose: In this video we discuss the Navigation Panel in Agent Scripting. Specifically we learn:

    1. How the Beginning, Previous, Next, Exit, and Finish buttons work
    2. How to hook up the Exit and Finish buttons to Workspace Rules
    3. How to branch in a Workflow when the Exit or Finish buttons are pressed in a Script

    This video only applies to the Agent Desktop at this time, as Agent Scripting is not supported in the Agent Browser UI yet.

    Video: Click to View Video

    Attachments: Attached is a Workflow export file with the final Workflow, including the Script and Workspaces, that branches based on if Exit or Finish is selected in a Script. Import using instructions here.