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    Data Import Issues - XML and Special Characters
    Topic posted August 2, 2011 by dnielsen , last edited October 29, 2011 
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    Data Import Issues - XML and Special Characters

    My company has recently upgraded to version May2011.  I had a bunch of incident custom field records that I exported and wanted to import them back into some custom object fields, to reduce the amount fields required from 100 to 20.  The first odd issue I ran into was when I tried importing the data was XML related.  On the final screen of the Data Import Wizard I would get an error message.  I believe it was tied to all of the custom object changes I had been making.  After doing some research and not really finding anything on the issue I restarted my console, because reseting the local settings and data cache also gave an xml error.  This cleared up that issue.

    The second issue I had in importing the data was that most of the records were shifted. For example, custom object record (COR) 1 is associated with incident record 1 and COR 2 is associated with incident record 2, but after I imported the data COR 1 was associated with incident record 2 and COR 2 was associated with incident record 3.  The very first couple records I imported were correct which made me believe that the issue might be special character related so I investigated by halving the data and comparing the newly imported data to the old data in the incident.  Eventually I found out that whenever # (number or pound sign) was the first character in the first column of the data import it shifted the imported records off by one.  This explained why my first records imported correctly and my final records were off by about 7. I went through the 7 records and removed the # and the records imported correctly.  I wanted to make sure that having the # as the first character in a text field was not the problem and that it was actually tied to having the first character of the first column being imported being a # so I search for a # in my other text field I was importing and found that the # being the first character in this field did not shift the remaining records.

    My recommendation to those of you importing data is to not use a text field as the first field in the import and if you get XML errors restart your console.  Hopefully this helps saves someone else some time.



    • Susie Boyer

       Thank you so much for the information.  Sorry you were experiencing issues.  Did you submit this to Customer Care??  That way it can be fixed if identified as a defect as we continue to improve the new data importer.

      Keep on posting-

      Susie Boyer

      Product Manager