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    Stephen Coleman
    Auto Reversal JEs - loading YTD
    Topic posted November 19, 2018 by Stephen ColemanBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Balance Sheet, Consolidation, Income Statement 
    Auto Reversal JEs - loading YTD
    FCCS_Total Balance Sheet-Traditional Approach is out of balance due to a reversing entry



    Has anyone used the reversing JEs in FCCS?  I see something strange for the this.


    I have a reversing entry in Jan of xxxx.  After I post the reversing entry in Feb, the periodic value is still out of balance.  I looks as if the JE was never posted.

    It is showing on the FCCS_Total Balance Sheet-Traditional Approach.  On the YTD, it is zero, but the period is view has the same number as my reversal.  You might think with the YTD at zero, we are good. However, the periodic is not correct.  To me we need both to be zero.



    • I unposted the entry
    • Consolidated
    • Reposted the entry
    • Consolidated
    • It is at a parent level.  However, I do not think this the issue
    • The entry is in USD (as the parent)
    • Seems to only affect the P&L accounts
    • The JEs are loaded YTD