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    Yet Another "Invalid Server Version"
    Topic posted January 14, 2009 by zbethem Blue Ribbon: 750+ Points, last edited October 29, 2011 
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    Yet Another "Invalid Server Version"



    I've used my code on other sites without issue. Everytime I move it to another site, however, I run across this error.


    I've done the following checks:

    * ensured that HMS is set properly:  II_CONNECT_ENABLED => 1

    * downloaded the .Net connect libraries from the RN link menu

    * re-referenced the .Net libraries within my visual studio solution


    I'm running RightNow Nov '08 SP1 (Build 128). I'm getting the error:

    Attempting to connect to:
    Error connecting. Error reported: Invalid Server version.
    Server: '', Connect: ''
    Using Toolkit version:


    Enabling interface logging, I'm seeing that not a single SOAP message is being sent.


    What's weird, on other sites when I enter the connect string directly within IE, I do get a response. Is there something not 100% setup for this site perhaps?


    Thanks in advance.