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    Sammy Khan
    How to respond to an internal questionnaire
    Topic posted June 29, 2018 by Sammy KhanRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited July 5, 2018, tagged FAQ, How-To, Questionnaire, Questionnaire Response 
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    How to respond to an internal questionnaire
    This post illustrates how a user responds to an internal questionnaire assigned to them.

    To qualify suppliers, organizations can send out questionnaires to supplier contacts to seek their responses in order to qualify them. Similarly, organizations can also send questionnaires to internal users to seek their feedback on the supplier, such questionnaires are called internal questionnaires. An internal questionnaire is launched via the initiative process along with supplier questionnaire. Suppliers respond to the questionnaires through Supplier Portal, while internal users respond to internal questionnaires by clicking on recommended action links sent to them through email notification.


    • A valid user with internal responder privileges.
    • A qualification area which consists of questions for internal responders.
    • An internal questionnaire has been generated and assigned to the user to respond.



    • The internal responder will receive a notification to respond to the internal questionnaire.
    • Below is the sample of internal questionnaire notification.



    • Clicking on "Respond to Questionnaire" under Recommended Actions, will direct the user to "Respond to Questionnaires" page, where user can respond to the internal questionnaire questions and submit them for qualification evaluation.
    • Enter responses on the Respond to Questionnaire page and submit them for supplier qualification evaluation.





    • MANISH S

      Hello Sammy,

      Thanks for the post. But the images are not visible. Could you please upload them as attachments.


      • Sammy Khan

        Hi Manish,

        For your reference, i have attached a PDF document which illustrates "How to respond to an internal questionnaire" with screen shots. Also to view the mages of this post, request you to login with user credentials in the customer connect, this should resolve the image issue. let me know if you need any further help...



    • Arabinda Chakraborty

      Thanks for this informative post