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    Amit Mishra
    Project related sources for AP SLA rules to derive natural...
    Topic posted August 7, 2019 by Amit MishraRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited August 7, 2019, tagged Accounting Hub Cloud Service, Expenses, Financials, Payables, Subledger Accounting 
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    Project related sources for AP SLA rules to derive natural account
    What are the project related SLA sources in payables to be used on Payables SLA rules?

    Hi All,

    Need your help with the following scenario:

    We have project-based expense reports being created in expenses cloud. After audit, these expense reports get interfaced to payables as 'Payment Request' invoice type. Our requirement is to override the natural account segment for such invoices depending upon whether a tagged project is billable or not. Now I understand that project billable flag won't be there as SLA source in payables, however, I am unable to locate even the basic project related attributes as SLA sources in AP which are present on the AP invoice line distributions e.g. project number, task number, expenditure org, expenditure type. There is something called 'Project Identifier' available in the sources but I don't understand the significate of that.

    What are the project related SLA sources in payables application to be used on Payables SLA rules? 





    • Gergana Radoutcheva

      Have you tried the Project Costing sources, e.g. Project Billable Indicator?

      Leverage the diagnostic framework to get visibility into source values used by accounting. Refer to Diagnose Subledger Accounting Event Data: Explained

      Or, as a quick test, you could define a description rule pulling sources you are curious about and assign the description rule to your rule set.


      • Amit Mishra

        Thanks, Gergana. Project Billable indicator actually worked. My understanding was that since it is in Project Costing application, it won't work in Payables. I had a similar experience in project costing and contracts where I couldn't use 'Contracts' attribute while defining SLA rules for Project costing. So I assumed that we won't be able to do here either. Eventually, it worked. Thanks so much.