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    Tamil Selvi Esakkiappan
    Mandate Reason Code on Decline Tender
    Topic posted August 13, 2019 by Tamil Selvi Esakkiappan 
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    Mandate Reason Code on Decline Tender

    Our customer has moved from on-prem to Cloud instance. Current solution is, on Decline Tender it is mandatory to provide the Reason Code. It is configured by customizing xsl. Any suggestion on how this functionality can be implemented in cloud. We explored Action Check but Decline Tender Audit Action will not support Post Action check.





      Please check Action Reasons. You should be able to action reasons to prompt reason codes for certain actions.

      • Tamil Selvi Esakkiappan

        I checked Action Reasons, it launches Event Reason page where we have flexibility to make Responsible Party, Status, Reason code as mandatory. Decline Tender action is to have only Decline Reason Code listed and using Action Reasons it is not allowing to make only Reason Code as required field

    • Ambroise PHILIP

      I faced exact same requirement in a previous project and I did not found any solution. I have investigated Action Check and external predicates but this was not satisfactory. If you find any workaround solution to make it mandatory I would be interested.