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    Ramesh Choudhary
    Calculate Min-Max Planning Policy ParametersAnswered
    Topic posted September 24, 2019 by Ramesh ChoudharyBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged How-To, Inventory & Cost Management Analytics Cloud, Inventory Cloud, SCM, Setup, White Paper 
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    Calculate Min-Max Planning Policy Parameters
    Calculate Min-Max Planning Policy Parameters

    Hi Team,

    Can anyone please let us know more about "Calculate Min-Max Planning Policy Parameters" scheduled process.

    In implementation guide, we were able to find very little information like, Policy Profile, Policy Profile assignments etc.

    Is there a white paper on how to use this program for calculating the MIN MAX Quantities of the item with an example.

    we would like to learn more about working of this schedule process with some example.




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    Lynn Warneka

    The Calculate Minimum and Maximum Inventory Replenishment Thresholds feature was released in 17D.  Information such as the New Feature Summary, What's New and Release training for the feature can be found at the Release Readiness link below: