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    Ifeanyi Katchy
    Purchasing Documents Pending Approval
    Topic posted February 24, 2017 by Ifeanyi KatchyBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited December 20, 2017, tagged BI Publisher, Fusion Procurement reporting, Reports, Sample Reports 
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    Purchasing Documents Pending Approval
    A Report showing purchasing documents which are currently pending approval and the person they are currently assigned to.

    - If you want a report that simply shows the current approver for a purchasing document (that is, you want to know with whom a document is pending), you can create one using the BPM UI Views. Please see the image in the attached document BPM UI View - PendingApproverReport. Note that you will need to create a seperate report (i.e. seperate BPM UI View) for each type of purchasing document approval process that you are interested in.


    - If you need more details, such as how long the document has been pending with the current approver, the approver's email, their manager's email and so on, follow the instructions below to download and run a report created using BI Publisher. This is a single report which covers purchase orders, contract purchase agreements, blanket purchase agreements and requisitions. The report is only available from Release 12.

    To add this content to your environment:

    1. For R12 environment
      • Download RPT_PendingApprover.xdoz
      • Download DM_PendingApprover.xdmz
    2. For R13 (and higher) environments
      • Download RPT_PendingApprover.xdoz
      • Download DM_PendingApprover_R13.xdmz
      • Rename DM_PendingApprover_R13.xdmz to DM_PendingApprover.xdmz
    3. Log in to BI Publisher, click on the Catalogs link and locate the folder where you want to save the report and its corresponding data model e.g. Shared Folders>Custom
    4. Click the ‘Upload Resource’ icon
    5. Select the Data Model File (DM_PendingApprover.xdmz) and click to Upload
    6. Repeat Steps 3 & 4 for the Report File (RPT_PendingApprover.xdoz)
    7. Both the data model and report should now be successfully uploaded and visible in your catalog
    8. Select the report and click on ‘Open’ to run the report



    • Sachin Mistry

      Ifeany, This is great! Thanks so much.

    • Sachin Mistry

      Will there be similar report for Payable Invoices?

      • Murali Gangidi


        I am also looking for the similar report for Payable Invoices. could you please guide me if you met this functionality output .

    • Sachin Mistry

      Imported as suggested but get ORA-01031 insufficient privileges error when validating SQL


      • Murali Gangidi

        Based on this Metalink Notes below, replace PRC_FUSION_SOAINFRA with FA_FUSION_SOAINFRA

        ORA-01031: Insufficient Privileges When Select From Table Prc_fusion_soainfra.wftask On FSCM R13 (Doc ID 2377997.1)

    • Sachin Mistry

      I was trying to do this in R11. Any suggestions how I can do this in R11?

      • Ifeanyi Katchy
        Unfortunately, this report is only available from Rel 12 onwards. 
        If you don't need to know to who is the current approver of the document, I might be able to create something for Release 11. Let me know,
        • Chandra Shekhar Jha

          currently one of my customer is also looking to know with which approver it is pending, they recently went live on R11.

          I saw this post and suggested the above proposed solution but they faced an error while uploading the files (see the error in my previous comment)

          • Ifeanyi Katchy

            This report is not available for Rel 11. Having said that, you should not be getting this type of error when you try to run the report. It should be something similar to the screen shot shown in Sachin Mistry's post. Does the client have any issues with any other reports? If so, they should probably log a bug

            • Samer Hachicho

              Hi Ifeany, is it possible to share a sample outcome of the report as I would like to see what the report covers exactly.


              • Ifeanyi Katchy

                Unfortunately, I do not currently have access to a screen shot but the following attributes are displayed on the report

                1. Document Type (i.e purchase order, agreement, requisition)
                2. Document Number
                3. Description
                4. Date document was submitted
                5. Current Approver (and their email, their manager)
                6. Date document was assigned to the current approver
                7. How many days have elapsed since document was submitted for approval


    • Chandra Shekhar Jha

      I received the attached error while uploading the files.

      any suggestion?

    • Ritu Purohit

      Solved my issue.


    • Balamuruan Vijayaragavan

      Log in to the BI Publisher server (for example,http://www.<host>:<port>/xmlpserver) --> Catalog 

      And then use the upload button to load the xdmz and xdoz files


    • Manjunathan Sivaswamy

      Hi Team,

         We are in R13 18A and trying to upload the document and getting the below error

      Option 1 - trying to Upload using Unarchive - Error -   Compression - inflate Error -3

      Option 2 - trying to upload using the Upload Icon - Refer the screenshot, the files are not usable

      Kindly advise how to proceed from this




    • Manjunathan Sivaswamy


      If you review the above screenshot, I have option only to Download, no option to Open / Edit the report

    • Ifeanyi Katchy

      It's most likely a permission thing. You'll need a user who can create/run reports. I just tried in an internal environment (see screen shot below)


    • Manjunathan Sivaswamy


      The user which is used is able to create and manipulate the reports, this is wierd.. Can you download and provide the file which you have uploaded in the your internal environment, let me try with it. We are in R13 18A.


      • Ifeanyi Katchy

        I downloaded the files listed in this post but I didn't test in 18A (I don't have access to 18A). I used a later release but when I created the report for Rel 13, it was for a release earlier than 18A and it was working

    • Manjunathan Sivaswamy

      Hi - I was doing with OBI Navigation, Tried with XMLSERVER and it worked, My Bad.. Thanks for assisting.

    • Pullarao Konakanchi

        xmlpserver  page allowed me to upload the files successfully.

    • Madhu Babu Vitta

      This is really useful.

      Only change in the query is to replace fin_fusion_soainfra.WFTASK with fa_fusion_soainfra.WFTASK if you are on Rel13 or above.



    • Alastair Wood

      Great report, thanks for sharing.

      I've added this to ensure assignee's current manager only is returned:

      and trunc(sysdate) between trunc(pa.effective_start_date) and trunc(pa.effective_end_date)

      Thanks and regards,