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    tanuj saxena
    OFS-OACS Integration
    Topic posted October 8, 2018 by tanuj saxena, tagged API / Integration, Configuration 
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    OFS-OACS Integration
    Issues in setting up URL for integration between OFS and OACS

    Hi All,


    I am trying to implement the OACS-OFS integration in OFS which has been introduced as the new 18C feature. I have setup the new integration channel for OACS. I am facing issues in the URL that needs to be set. It seems the URL that OFS accepts needs to be in the format while the URL that I need to use is https://abc/com/analytics.
    Can anyone advise what format we need to use for this. 

    Thanks in Advance!




    • shankar

      Hi Tanuj,

      As per the documentation there is nothing apart from entering the OAC url in OFSC. If the OAC url is the second format and OFSC is not allowing, you might need to raise a SR and log it as a potential defect for the product team to analyse and provide a fix.