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    Ricardo Davila
    Project related Inventory
    Topic posted February 1, 2018 by Ricardo Davila, tagged Inventory & Cost Management Analytics Cloud, Inventory Cloud, SCM 
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    Project related Inventory
    Manage inventories for Construction Project

    We are construction project oriented company. We do not run a MRP.. How do you manage warehouse items that need to be committed to a specific project? We need to have the ability to be able to receive materials and have them be allocated and committed to specific projects. A single warehouse can receive multiple materials for multiple projects but internally in Oracle we need to be able to  "allocate" and separate on-hand inventory by project. This is necessary to avoid one project cannibalizing items from another project



    • Lynn Warneka

      Attached is a white paper that outlines what integration to Projects is supported in Inventory Management Cloud today.  In addition, more robust integration to Projects is on the roadmap for all of SCM.  We are currently gathering requirements and starting initial designs for this.   

      • Autumn Goodin

        Hi Lynn,

        Is there any documentation or reference material where we can understand the more robust integration to Projects that is on the roadmap for SCM?  Thanks

    • Ramesh Konidala

      As I see from this document we can do PO receipt by project and track on-hand inventory.

      Limitation I see is purchase order won't allow destination type as 'INVENTORY' and it forcing to select destination as 'EXPENSE'.

      Can you confirm if we can choose PO destination as 'Inventory' and do PO receipt / putaway to inventory against the project

    • Lynn Warneka

      Yes, you are correct on the limitation from the PO.  That's not clear in the document and we will udpate the document to clarify that.