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    Mukund Kudrimoti
    Error while updating supplier address
    Topic posted August 28, 2019 by Mukund KudrimotiBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Supplier Creation 
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    Error while updating supplier address
    Error while updating supplier address

    Hello Friends.

    I am trying to update address for a supplier. This supplier has Income Tax defined at the Profile level. When I change the address and try to save I get error "A record with the value 04XXXXXXX already exists. Enter a unique value." This is the taxpayer ID we have for the supplier. So I deleted the tax payer ID and I was able to update the address. Now I am not able to update the tax payer ID and get same error.

    Please let me know how do I update the tax payer ID now or keep the taxpayer ID and update the address




    • Shivani Roy

      The duplicate validation is thrown as there is already a supplier with the same taxpayer ID.

      Is there a Parent-child relationship defined for this supplier. Is he a parent or a child of another supplier ?

    • Piyush Bihany

      Hi Mukund

      Navigate to application and to Setup and Maintenance

      Choose Procurement and click on: Change Feature Opt In

      Under the section: Suppliers, click on "features" and ensure the feature: "Allow Taxpayer ID Sharing Across Suppliers" is checked /enabled, save and retest the issue