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    Danny Yoo
    Branded login / password reset / security pages
    Topic posted August 29, 2019 by Danny YooGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged User Access and Security 
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    Branded login / password reset / security pages
    The current functionality is too generic and non-specific.

    Thanks so much for creating this. Much needed.

    Currently, if a user tries to login or perform any user account security related action the pages presented are completely non-specific and Oracle Cloud branded.

    As a student centric application, branding of such pages is very important, especially if the school doesn't already have some kind of identity management system.

    Are there plans at all to allow institutions to be able to brand the security-related pages? If you put yourself in the users' shoes, or the parent of a student, getting non-specific system generated emails and going to non-school-specific pages and logins can be very confusing.




    • Leslie Gardner

      Hi Danny

      We have also run into this issue at University of Wisconsin-Madison and have raised it with Oracle. We opened an SR and learned there is already an existing enhancement request on this issue (Bug 19786664 : ER : LOGIN PAGE CUSTOMIZATION FOR FUSION APPLICATIONS)

      Also, there is a way to slightly configure the system-generated welcome email if this helps:

      Sign in as a security administrator.

      • Navigate to Tools > Security Console
      • Under User Categories, edit the DEFAULT row, add (or edit) your custom one.
      • Select Notifications, then click Edit.
      • Select Add Template
        • Enter a name, and in the Event field select New User Created.
        • Update the Message Subject and the defaulted Message text


      Leslie Gardner

    • Kevin Werntz

      Thanks Leslie:

      That was fun playing with.  Have you tested a "Learner" account set up with these templates?

    • Kevin Werntz

      this also may be helpful for changing the theme. . It worked for us but is finicky about file names so be aware.