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    Scott Heidenreich
    BUI Element Manager - won't allow updating of reports!
    Topic posted May 1, 2018 by Scott HeidenreichBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points 
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    BUI Element Manager - won't allow updating of reports!


    I updated a number of reports in my test environment and want to export / import them using the Element Manager.  However, any report that already exists in the receiving environment throws an error in Element Manager.  How do I get Element Manager to allow me to over-write the existing report with one that is being imported?  This is important as it is truly a pain to export report definitions one at a time, import them one at a time and then save them over top of the existing report.  Is there a way to do this with Element Manager?  We can merge custom objects when they already exist, why not reports and workspaces!?




    • Anuj Behl

      I would also be interested in an answer to this. I haven't tried myself but since there's no mention about this behavior in the documentation, I hope this should not happen.

    • Roderick Peace

      Unfortunately that’s as designed today.
      The initial release of Element Manager doesn't include the ability to manage versions of individual files or roll back an entire deployment.
      The current thinking is overwrite could accidentally cause more harm than its worth before we release versioning but I certainly understand your position.

      Versioning is part of the many enhancements on the near term roadmap but we still love your input as an early adopter.

      How would you expect the Overwrite Feature to handle permissions?
      We currently have a screen to pick the default profile for all net new elements.
      Do you think we should leave permissions in place and only overwrite the report definition for existing elements or give managers a cherry picking screen?

    • Scott Heidenreich

      I would hope that the system would let me know what is "new" on the target environment and what has the same path/name and then let me overwrite or keep both. Keep both would result in the new report having an incremented (#) or "copy) added to the name.

      If I overwrite then permissions would stay the same as the original being overwritten.

      If new, then the permissions picker you have right now is sufficient, assuming your customers have simplified their permissions sets and other permissions to limit users from editing the wrong things.  For example, we all profiles to view and edit most reports, however, only specific profiles are allowed to publish/make public the reports they edit, which forces them to copy the edited report to the "My Reports" folder.

    • Scott Heidenreich

      I did want to say - even in this "version 1.0" of the element manager it is a big time saver - it cut my deploy times from test to production in half.  So having access to this tool is much appreciated - any reason it is only available in BUI and not the full agent console?

    • Roderick Peace


      Thanks for the positive feedback.

      We thought about building Element Manager in the Agent Console but decided to use the web framework style to support things like type ahead search across all element classes and to support the eventual creation of an Orchestration API at a future date.  I totally understand it's a bit awkward since 90% of administration tasks are currently .Net only. As you all know, Agent Console features are released quarterly but Browser Agent features can be released incrementally as they're built.

      If the community agrees it’s a real hassle to jump to the Browser Agent we can spend cycles embedding it in the console but adding things like add-ins and eventually business rules seams more important.

      Hopefully you all agree that the utility and vision for Element Manager prove out our decision to leverage the Browser Agent and faster feature releases over inclusion in .Net. Obviously, we will have to prove we can follow the initial Element Manager feature set with continuous improvement to earn a vote of confidence from the community.

    • Scott Heidenreich

      I personally am ok with element manger only residing in the BUI - it was just a little confusing because configuring the BUI to "see" the element manager means having to add it to the navigation set in the agent desktop where it can't be used, and I wasn't able to find the documentation that indicated that was how to get the element manager surfaced.  I also didn't see documentation that warned me that the element manager is only for moving new items​ to the target environment.  That would have helped me work out my strategy for using it during the deploy.

      Thanks for being responsive.


    • Brad Nagar

      Not updating existing reports is a huge miss.  Would have been a great opportunity to take report imports forward and eliminate the need to rebuild Nav Sets.  It's not feasible to delete all the existing reports and reload them with the Navigation sets.

    • john nigro

      If there was just a check box to say "Overwrite report or keep existing" it would be immensely more useful