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    How to select the correct LE in the "sold-to" ?
    Topic posted January 24, 2018 by YasminSilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, tagged How-To, Setup 
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    How to select the correct LE in the "sold-to" ?
    How to select the correct LE in the "sold-to" ?

    When we issue PO we need to select the right Legal Entity, but it comes only with the default LE assigned to the BU we are in,

    so how we can change (select the right LE) in the "sold-to" ? 



    • Ivan Pena




      Hi Jasmin,

      The Sold-to LE is derived from either the requisitioning BU or the ship-to inventory organization, based on the value of the option "Allow Multiple Legal Entities on Order" on the Configure Requisitioning Business Function page as follows:

      • If set to Allow or Warning: Sold-to LE will be derived from the requisitioning business unit
      • If set to Error: Sold-to LE will be derived from the Ship-to inventory organization

      There is no option for the buyer to manually select the sold-to LE, unless Supply Chain Financial Orchestration is configured, and there are multiple legal entities with at least one active financial orchestration flow with the legal entity of the ship-to organization


      • Yasmin

        Hi Ivan,

        Thank you so much for your help,

        So if we want the Sold-To LE to match the PR BU then we select set to Allow or Warning

        and if we want the Sold-To LE to match the Ship-to Le then we set to Error

        But by all means, buyrs can't  manually select the sold-to LE

        Do I understand it correctly?




    • Ivan Pena

      Hi Yasmin,

      Your understanding is correct.