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    Braulio Rodriguez
    Mass populate quota
    Topic posted April 25, 2018 by Braulio RodriguezBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, last edited April 25, 2018, tagged Capacity / Quota 
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    Mass populate quota

    Hi community. 

    Could someone explain me how to fill the quota using mass populate please?

    I'm doing this, I fill one or more blanc space >  save > go to "mass populate" > select copy week to week > apply > and save on the quota window.

    But is'nt work, I appreciate the help.




    • Brett Wallace

      Hi Braulio,

      You appear to be doing the correct steps. There are 2 things you need to check/do.

      1. Before you press the "mass populate" button, you need to select the calendar button (i.e. the most likely showing today's date) and set it up to display the "target" date range you want to populate. I.e. next week, next month etc.

      2. On the mass populate form, make sure you specify the "source" week, ie. the week you plan to copy the quota data from, and populate onto the "target" dates selected above.

      I often select the dates that I want to be the source, and populate them, and forget to then select the "target" date range. What happens is the system them "populates" the dates it copied from, making it look like nothing has happened.

      Lastly don't forget to press the save button after the mass populate. I also make the mistake from time to time where I am populating say 3 months, and do it 1 month at a time, and forget to hit the save button after the mass populate and before I select the next month date range.



    • Braulio Rodriguez

      Thanks, I'm gonna try with that.

    • Braulio Rodriguez

      It´s working now, thanks for your help.