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    Night Shift Activities
    Topic posted December 18, 2017 by Todd Bronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 
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    Night Shift Activities

    We are currently in testing and have many shift with some being overnight.  Those overnight shifts are assigned to mobile techs and when they start an activity before midnight when they go back to activity to complete it is locked down and not available to be changed.  Is there a setting or something for those overnight activities to be worked just as the other day shift ones?

    Input greatly appreciated.




    • Brett Wallace

      Hi Todd,

      The setting you are looking for is Configuration -> Business Rules -> Overnight work, which allows you to set the number of hours and time zone of overnight work after midnight.

      This changes when the day is closed off as well as it changes when the daily extract is performed.

      Check out the "Administering Oracle Field Service Cloud" manual for details.


    • Ravi Shankar

      Hi Todd,

      In addition to the setting mentioned by Brett, while performing route activation/deactivation you should ensure the appropriate date is used (assuming you are using API calls to perform this). For e.g. if route date is today and activities spill over to the next day, during route de-activation you should still give today's date with time matching the actual date.

      Sample requests would like below:<resourceId>/routes/2017-12-20/custom-actions/deactivate



      "time": "2017-12-21 06:00:00"


      Similar approach can be used when the tech is delayed for work and has to start the work after the day is over at 11:59 but still want to work on today's activities.


    • Erica (Leep) Anderson

      Hi Todd,

      Thanks for asking your question. 

      Did either Brett or Ravi's responses help you resolve this issue? Let us know. :) You can mark acomment as the best answer, add a comment and share your solution, or provide an update on where you're at with solving this problem.

      Thanks, and Happy Holidays!
      Erica, Oracle Service Cloud

      Erica, Oracle Service Cloud

    • Stewart Logan

      I have a question about this.......

      Even after moving back the overnight work setting, there is still the possibility that an activity will be in a started status when the day is closed off, is there any way to handle this scenario without creating a new activity??