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    Issues with 18C upgrade and Chrome?
    Topic posted January 24, 2019 by MikiBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, last edited February 6, 2019, tagged Financials, Fusion, General Ledger, Payables, Receivables, Upgrade 
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    Issues with 18C upgrade and Chrome?
    Anyone seeing issues with Chrome and 18C?

    We upgraded to ERP 18C last weekend. Since then we have had numerous errors with the ADFDi install and with pop up boxes freezing on the page and staying on the page from screen to screen. Refreshing will clear them, but this is definitely an 18C after effect. 


    Thanks, miki

    ERP 18C



    • Felix Beaudoin

      Hi Miki!
      I have also noticed a few of these here and there in Receivables and GL.
      This is the type of small little bug they will most likely resolve with the weekly patches.
      Is this impacting your ability to work?

    • Lori Culp

      We instructed users to clear their cashe, which helped some issues.

    • Wendy Ware

      Hi Miki, I can't speak to the specific issues you are encountering but I would clear the browser cache to see if that helps.  Wendy

    • Miki

      thank you all for your comments, Users are refreshing their page to clear them, and clearing the cache does clear the ones that are stuck on the screen, however this is happening on each invoice/transaction they do, and this is their job, they do this all day - so its definitely a usability issue for these users. I'll be reporting a SR today to find out if its a known issue. 

      Thanks! Miki

    • Lori Culp

      I would open an SR.

    • Wendy Ware

      Sounds like you need an SR.  Curious if this happens with other browsers?

    • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

      Any update on the Pop up freeze? Did Oracle fix the issue yet on the Popup freezing  in the screens? This annoying for users. is there a permanent fix for this?

      • Felix Beaudoin

        Same here. Users started noticing that pop-ups are freezing if they hit "tab". It's very annoying and we are about to raise an SR. Has anyone found a solution?

        • Lori Culp

          We didn't experience this but overall slowness, finding out that it was an Ops Center issue.


    • Zubin Shah

      We're seeing lots of UI issues in general on this release. In both Firefox and Chrome. Freezing pop-ups, screens going gray, LOV's not responding, Scheduled Process window not pulling up when using tab. For the freezing pop-up issue, we were told via SR that a patch is coming in April to fix the issue (doesn't seem soon enough considering the impact). We were given this doc as a workaround, where you create a sandbox and disable the tool tips. We've confirmed it has resolved that issue, but still seeing all the rest of the other UI issues.

      Has anyone else had better luck on their SR's for all these UI issues? Simply clearing cache hasn't resolved anything for our clients.

      • Lori Culp

        No, we haven't had much luck other than having a call where they want us to run F12 tracing the slowness in the UI's.  We have an ongoing SR open

      • Felix Beaudoin

        Hi Zubin!

        We have also had many issues with the UI after going to 18C. After raising an SR for the pop-ups and grey screens, they indicated the following (which is later than April depending on when you received 19A):
        Sorry i meant it is already available in 13.19.07 (19C), not 18 C.
        Yes, it is targeted to 19B and this would be three months after 19A. but this only estimated, its not confirmed yet that it will be backported to 19B.

        The tab functionality in ESS has actually never worked on our end.
        For the pop-ups and grey page issues, the workaround is to not use "tab" when navigating across fields as this is the reason the pop-ups get stuck. Oracle's recommendation is to use your mouse to navigate for the time being. We also raised this with them as being tedious but they indicated that since you can use the functionality by avoiding the "tab" key, the system is still functional. Also, we are not always able to reproduce. It's like if it only pops-up and freezes 1/3 times for us.

        Are you saying that on your end it's constantly happening and the screens are always freezing or is it intermittent?

        Let us know, thanks!

    • Zubin Shah

      Yes, we have also been told by the engineer to do the F12 trace.


      The workaround get's rid of the tool tips from popping up which somewhat improves the UI in some pages because it prevents the system from attempting to pull that in.

      For the tab functionality in ESS, if you're talking about entering partial text the tabbing to try to get it to pull in the full scheduled process name, then yes that has never worked for us either (I think this started after the upgrade from 12 to 13). In 13, if you tab it will still bring up the search window where you can click the search button and select the scheduled process name. But instead of this, we are seeing sometimes when you tab out here, it won't bring up any additional search window and the screen will look gray. Almost as if the window is popped up and the background is gray but you can't see the window. 

      In general, for all the issues it's intermittent for us as well. But happening enough to where AP is extremely backed up and can't operate normally.

      • Felix Beaudoin

        Ok that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification. We have the same issues going on in AP as well. They are also backed-up because the system performance is extremely slow. Seems their response is also to run Fiddler Trace and to restart the UI servers. They completely this and the performance is slightly better but it is not a permanent solution on our end either.
        What's frustrating is that they indicated this was only happening in our environments. Now we are able to see that this is not a client specific issue and that it's spread across many (possibly all?) clients who are still on 18C.