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    Andre Brouwer
    Clear chatbot session Android SDK
    Topic posted June 25, 2018 by Andre BrouwerGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Android, Bots, Mobile 
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    Clear chatbot session Android SDK
    Clear chatbot session Android SDK V18.2.3.0


    I just embedded the Oracle chatbos (bots-client-sdk-android- in one of our Android apps. Looks like the chat is working fine.

    The only thing is that whenever the chatbot is restarted (even when app is force closed) the chat history is saved to. I would like a clean chatbot session everytime the chatbot is (re) started.

    So is there a way to reset (or restart) te chat bot session?

    I used the code from de chatbot sample to start te chatbot (bots-client-sdk-android-samples-

    Kind Regards,
    Andre Brouwer