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    Charles Lickly
    Notify Assigned of Bounced Response
    Topic posted June 18, 2012 by Charles LicklyRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Notify Assigned of Bounced Response

    Good Day Everybody,

    We have had this issue since we started with RightNow almost 3 years ago and I have never heard or been able to find a solution.

    Is there a way to notify the "Assigned" via Email / Notification that the Response they sent was bounced back.  It shows in the incident thread but why would an agent be going back into a thread if they think they have closed it and provided a response to the customer.

    I know I could create a rule that would send me a list of all the "bounced" incident responses but that is not ideal and I would like to have the assigned agent notified when they ahve sent a "bad" response.

    Thank you,




    • Baxter

       Hi Charles,

      I have no idea how to acheive this, though have you tried an updated incident rule searching the Reference.Email Header to match regular expression "Mail Delivery Failure"?

      As a workaround, we use a report which is effectively a "My Inbox" for bounced email notifications. I've attached this should this be useful to you.

      The agent would check this regularly and take any necessary action.