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    Thierry Lamote
    Impact of Item Validation Org OM Parameter change
    Topic posted May 27, 2019 by Thierry LamoteBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Order Management 
    Impact of Item Validation Org OM Parameter change
    Can we safely change Order Management Parameter named Item Validation Organization with an open backlog of sales orders?

    Hello OM Experts

    For a phased implementation of SCM Cloud we are considering the following deployment plan in which Order Management Cloud Service would be enabled for multiple business units initially where all of them would share the same Item Validation Organization (IVO) set to a shared Item Master Org through Order Management Parameter set up like.

    Business Unit               Organization

    All business units        Item Master Org

    Later on however, the likely plan is that the solution will need to evolve and items associated to different item validation organizations per business unit so that each company related business unit can only see and sell the items that are customer order enabled in this unit and not the items meant for another company (country specific).

    Business Unit                        Organization

    France BU                              France Item Validation Org

    Germany BU                          Germany Item Validation Org

    USA BU                                  USA Item Validation Org

    I would like to confirm that such a setup change of Item Validation Organization OM parameter setup :

    • will not affect the existing open sales orders that we will be able to progress through their orchestration process to the end
    • will however be taken into account for any new sales order created after the setup change.

    Thanks for your feedback/help

    R13 19B