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    Maya Apolinario
    Price Change on Revision
    Topic posted March 22, 2018 by Maya ApolinarioSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Order Management, Tip 
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    Price Change on Revision

    We are on R12 PB14, and have thousands of customer orders in our system. Our orders are for both hardware and consumables, as well as subscription lines. In a recent order we noticed that the price of two items changed after a revision. When I created an SR, I was told that "Whenever there is a change in the price list, orders will be repriced automatically when a revision is created." I did reach out to Development team, and was told that this is indeed standard behavior, and "if an order is revised, a re-pricing call is triggered and lines will get the new price if setups have been changed. This is desired behavior for customers that don’t use sales orders to define price holds (sales contracts)."

    I have never worked at a company where we are able to just change the order price because our list price changed. We always have a PO from a customer, and that is our contractual agreement to a specified price.

    I am curious if this standard behavior is indeed a desired behavior of most customers? This is also a bit of a warning to customers who are unaware of this behavior.



    • Maya Apolinario

      For clarification, I was told there there is a way to disable this behavior, "With regards a possible solution approach for your use case : Since price changes are date effective, you can configure (map) the inputs to Pricing call with a date other than current date, e.g. order date. When re pricing cal is triggered  it will retrieve prices effective as of that date.", but I'm surprised to hear that the out of the box behavior is actually desired.

      I recommended that the user have an option to "Reprice order based on current list price" or something like that instead.