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    Tip: Requester Hierarchy Driven Approvals with Repeating...
    Topic posted July 22, 2018 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Approvals/Notification, FAQ, Tip 
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    Tip: Requester Hierarchy Driven Approvals with Repeating Approvers based on Lines
    Approver Names will repeat based on number of Requisition Lines if Requester Hierarchy is used

    This has been a very frequent clarification we have had to provide in multiple forum posts. I thought it might be prudent to mention this here so as to reach a wider audience.

    If you plan to use Requester Hierarchy to route requisition approvals, note the following:

    Requester being a Line level attribute on a requisition, using the requester hierarchy will cause the approver names to be repeated for each such requisition line. The premise here is that requesters can be different per line and so approver names will be displayed for each line.

    Before you decide to adopt requester hierarchy, see if your organization is likely to have this scenario (multiple requesters) as the most common occurrence. Requester hierarchy being formulated for this business use case, works best when requesters are different across lines. This is typically possible in a Prepaper submitting a requisition on behalf of multiple requesters.



    • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

      Hi Ashok,

      Thanks for the clarification. We are using Requestor hierarchy with preparer submitting requistions. We see this multiple approvers appearing in the manage approvals UI.

      This note is very helpfull to understand why its being repeeated. But if all the requestors are same in the Req then it should not repeat. Can this functionality be thought off?



    • Ashok

      Hi Ramesh

      This would be in the hands of SOA and BPM. I don't believe this is currently being thought of, but something you can also let the BPM / SOA team know.

      By the way, please do provide ratings for these various posts. I would very much like to evaluate your inputs to make decisions on what sort of articles to post. I am thankful to you for your encouragement above.

    • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

      Hi Ashok,

      Thanks for the update. Do you think I should log this in Idea Lab to SOA / BPM teams?

      - Ramesh

    • Ashok

      Hi Ramesh

      Sure. Perhaps you should try and post in these Customer Connect Forums if they have one. I am not entirely certain if they do. 

    • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

      Yes Ashok will give it a try :-)

    • Jim Van Tongerloo

      Thanks for the tip. I've dealt with this same issue 1.5 years ago when Requester had to be in the approval hierarchy but Requester was always the same person for the entire Requisition.

      Approvals were indeed repeated, with no way of aggregating them in the history view (because in the backend, you can aggregate them to only having to approve once). I've had elaborate talks with Oracle via an SR on this and they simply refused to recognize the need of the client to aggregate this in the History View as well.

      As if we like to see 20x the same Requester/Manager for each line that we entered. It makes no sense. I for one would be very glad if they would reconsider adding this functionality. So let us know if you managed to log something with Oracle.


      • Alan

        To follow-up on Jim's point, many users have no idea how to read the approval chain and are confused when they see the names of the approvers on the chain appear multiple times. 

        If someone is trying to initiate a multi-line PR across multiple cost centers, wouldn't it just make sense to create an approval chain that has all the appropriate approvers on it once, rather than having to keep duplicating approvers? There must be a way to achieve this...