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    Appointment Rulesets constraints
    Topic posted September 5, 2019 by LAKSHMIDEEPAK GADDIPATIBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, last edited September 6, 2019, tagged Dock Appointment Scheduling 
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    Appointment Rulesets constraints
    Ability to use rule sets irrespective of temp control of equipment

    Business Scenario:

    Restrict doors assignment based on type of shipment (Live or Drop) which is captured in shipment refnum and Carrier profiles to assign specific doors to set of carriers

    To be specific, assign only Live door/Drop Door to a shipment based on shipment refnum and if that carrier is present in a servprov profile.


    OTM by default enforcing a temp control constraint in rule set. So either it will work for temp control or non temp control loads. How to avoid this ? We don't want to create separate doors for Dry and Refer loads. We just want to have ability to constrain doors based on a shipment refnum. 

    Below is the text from OTM help,

    If the status (selected or unselected) of Temperature Control in the appointment rule set matches with the status of Temperature Control of the shipment, then the shipment is compatible. 

    And another hurdle is system only accepting one appointment ruleset for a location resource or location resource group. So we can't create two rulesets and assign them to resource or group. 

    Same kind of observation with Haz setup as well. Why can't this should be flexible enough to let users choose what they want to enforce as a constraint rather than system trying to enforce by default. 

    To summarize this, if we just need 4 live and 4 drop doors with above said restrictions we will end up creating 4X (32)  doors to suffice DRY,REFER,HAZ and NON HAZ which doesn't add any value and managing them through dock manager layout or workbench will not be easy.

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      To update,

      Because of limitations of Appointment rule flexibility, we ended up using other alternatives to constrain doors.


      Please check this request and see if it's feasible to make temp control,hazardous flags truly optional in appointment rulesets. Ability to control resource selection will be key use case among many customers .