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    Bilal Maqsood
    "Send on Save" event Dialogue BoxAnswered
    Topic posted November 5, 2018 by Bilal MaqsoodSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points 
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    "Send on Save" event Dialogue Box
    Display dialogue box if "Save" button is clicked without checking "Send n Save"


    We have checkbox "Send on save" in communication tab that ensures to send email to recipient when clicking "Save" button. I want to display dialogue box if "Save" button is clicked without checking "Send n Save" . So that user gets message on screen while saving that email won't be send. Because most of the users forget to check "Send on Save" and saves incident assuming that email is sent.
    I couldn't find any rule specifying action on "Send on Save" checkbox. Kindly suggest some way to do so.

    Oracle Service Cloud 18B

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    Sebastiaan Draaisma

    Hi Bilal.

    This is not possible. This is a common thing and can easily be forgotten.
    There is a better alternative to the Send on save checkbox and that is the Send button, you then do no longer need the send on save checkbox (can be disabled in workspace permissions)